Few Covid-19 Deaths in Africa Appear To Support Lower Infection Rates


Covid 19 Deaths in Africa and throughout the southern hemisphere have remained lower than in the northern hemisphere. This would seem to support theories about lower rates of transmission in sunny climates. It is a commonly known fact that viruses have a shorter life span when exposed to the sun.

 Bill Bryant who leads the National Directorate of Science and Technology at the United States Department of Homeland Security presented data on Thursday April 23rd 2020 confirming the findings of a study researching the lifespan of the Covid-19 virus under different environments. The research found that exposure to sunlight can reduce the virus half life by as little as a minute and a half.

The findings were promising for the upcoming summer season in the northern hemisphere, if somewhat boreboding for the upcoming southern winter. For Africa, the Mid-East, South Asia and South America, this information presents hope that the near year round sunshine may well prove to be a redeeming factor in the very countries that have already struggling healthcare systems and could ill afford to have those systems stretched.


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