Angola Expels over 300,000 Congolese Migrants following Devastating Violence

DRC Angola Residents
The mineral rich Southern African country of Angola has resorted to mass deportation of over 300,000 nationals of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Angolan government claimed that the operation was carried out in efforts to stem illegal diamond mining which is the primary activity of the migrant Congolese community.
DRC fleeing Angola
The mass deportations followed a shocking and devastating three days of violence in the Kapende neighborhood of Lucapa, an Angolan town in the diamond mine rich area of the southern African nation.

The UN is warning that the forced mass expulsions are likely to cause violence in the Kasai province of the DRC as returning Congolese seek food, shelter and the basics of survival.

These are desperately sad developments which should not be taking place on a continent that is the richest source of all types of minerals and natural materials. Until Africans can get a hold of their own means of production, these types of unfortunate intra-African acts of violence and inhumanity will continue.

Africans should not be working for slave labor wages on mines in their own countries to supply western corporations who make billions from the proceeds of this labor! See the article on “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”

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