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Has Kenya Constitution 2010 Delivered for Kenyans?

How about a return to something resembling the old system of councils of elders, modified to suit modern society. How about a system that eradicates the position of a single titular head such as the president or prime minister, in favor of an Executive Leadership Council (ELC).

All these measures, I truly believe were enacted in an attempt at disempowering one community. This was a losing prospect. The country should have been enacting a constitution meant to empower all Kenyans, rather than disempowering one community.

Kenya Kwanza Manifesto – An Ambitious Progressive Platform

The Kenya Kwanza manifesto is an ambitious document seeking to add meat to the bones of what bottom-up economics means. It is actual solid economic policy contrary to what the unethical, openly, and irresponsibly partisan, pro-Raila Kenyan media would have you believe. In fact, William Samoei Ruto is quite likely the only African leader campaigning for office with an ideological platform as opposed to a tribal platform. We did not bother wasting time exploring the Azimio platform as there isn’t one. Tribal politics is all Raila is selling as he has since the 1960s. It works for the weak minded.

Black Life Does Not Matter – From #EndSARS, to George Floyd, to Emmet Till.

Europeans and people of European descent across the planet have been granted privileges that that offered them the delusion of superiority. In reality however,, the vast majority of working white people are just as exploited by the evil system that is only able to continue to thrive on the division of working people everywhere.

Origin & Meaning of #ENDSARS Protest Rallying Cry of “Soro Soke” #SoroSoke

This last hashtag in particular warms my own heart because it goes right to the very heart of what I believe plays the largest part in ensuring a continuation of the status quo of impoverished nations right throughout the global south, allowing for the west and the global North to maintain their domination over the global south despite the majority of the wealth emanating from the global south.

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