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Is Trump the Only President that can Unilaterally Lift All Sanctions and Get Away With It?

Like Nixon to China, is it possible that President Trump could be the only president, Democrat or Republican that could get away with unilaterally lifting all sanctions for humanitarian reasons during the Covid 19 crisis.

We Are Not Going Back To The Old “Normal”: That May Present New Opportunities

However, nations across the Pan-African world where the virus has still not yet spread as widely still have the opportunity to stem the spread by heeding lessons learned from the current hotspots including widespread testing, face covering and general hygiene.
In addition to stemming the spread of the virus, African nations in particular have the opportunity to invent a brand-new paradigm for their own economies. With the usual reliance on western nations and China now at a standstill, African nations must now develop new ways of providing food, healthcare and other services for their populations.