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Karanja wa Gaçuça

Credentialed White House Journalist, On Air Commentator

Understanding Mt Kenya Love Affair with William Ruto

The Mt. Kenya region’s love affair with Ruto might seem like a mystery to many but in fact it is based on one simple factor. People from Mt. Kenya take very seriously […]

Kenya Kwanza Manifesto – An Ambitious Progressive Platform

The Kenya Kwanza manifesto is an ambitious document seeking to add meat to the bones of what bottom-up economics means. It is actual solid economic policy contrary to what the unethical, openly, and irresponsibly partisan, pro-Raila Kenyan media would have you believe. In fact, William Samoei Ruto is quite likely the only African leader campaigning for office with an ideological platform as opposed to a tribal platform. We did not bother wasting time exploring the Azimio platform as there isn’t one. Tribal politics is all Raila is selling as he has since the 1960s. It works for the weak minded.

Vladimir Putin Announces Special Operation In Ukraine

It should come as no surprise then that in the age of social media, the west’s violation of the post-cold war peace that has led to the current impasse will not go without scrutiny. The current impasse that could lead to the third big Euro/American war within a century did not start with Russian incursion into Crimea in 2018, but with American incursion into Ukraine right on Russia’s doorstep in February 2014. 

Origin & Meaning of #ENDSARS Protest Rallying Cry of “Soro Soke” #SoroSoke

This last hashtag in particular warms my own heart because it goes right to the very heart of what I believe plays the largest part in ensuring a continuation of the status quo of impoverished nations right throughout the global south, allowing for the west and the global North to maintain their domination over the global south despite the majority of the wealth emanating from the global south.