Origin & Meaning of #ENDSARS Protest Rallying Cry of “Soro Soke” #SoroSoke

End SARS Protests: How Did “Soro Soke” come to be the Rallying Cry of the #EndSARS Potests?

#interviewNaija Radio DJ Narz holding an #EndSars Poster with names of ordinary Nigerians killed by the SARS.

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The EndSARS movement has now grown global with protests being coordinated across the globe in Europe, the USA and everywhere where there are Nigerians and their supporters.

The rallying cry that had been adopted by the protesters is “Soro Soke” a Yoruba phrase which when literally translated means “Speak Louder” as in “Speak Up”. The actual meaning however is slightly more nuanced. It doesn’t just refer to raising one’s voice physically for the purpose of being audible, but rather, it actually translates to “Let your Stand he known” or “Let Your stand be clear” meaning “don’t be a fence sitter, let it be known what your view or your stance is”.

The phrase came about when one of the governors was addressing a crowd but in such low tones that the crowd got irate and demanded that he speak up loudly and clearly to let his stance be known. A protester, a DJ, literally yelled out “Soro Soke, werey!” Literally translated, this means, “speak louder, madman!” And thus the phrase became the rallying cry of the movement.

Where is the movement headed, and how did it come about. The protests began following the killing of a young man by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a security force ostensibly formed to battle theft and banditry in Nigeria. The squad became itself synonymous with theft and banditry, harassing anyone in Nigeria that looked affluent with accusations that they must be internet scammers.

The #EndSARS protests have however quickly morphed into anti bad governance, anti-corruption and anti-poverty protests with hashtags reflecting all of the above now trending, including #RaiseMinimumWage.

This last hashtag in particular warms my own heart because it goes right to the very heart of what I believe plays the largest part in ensuring a continuation of the status quo of impoverished nations right throughout the global south, allowing for the west and the global North to maintain their domination over the global south despite the majority of the wealth emanating from the global south. Yes indeed, #ENDSARS but also, #RAISEMINIMUMWAGE and absolutely #ENDECONOMICCOLONIALISM

The #EndSars movement has started a radio station – Radio Soro Soke and they are accepting emails and voice notes at

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