Another Pandemic is Raging Along with Covid-19: The Misinformation Pandemic

Earlier this spring, two french guys publicly suggested that the reason for testing a Covid-19 vaccine in Africa was because of the environment in Africa where populations suffer from poor healthcare systems.

In reality however, Africans are well aware that white supremacist attitudes are that Africans are disposable. Indeed, I don’t think that the idea of white supremacist inspired African depopulation is far fetched in all honesty.
The problem however with this attachment of vaccines and depopulation is that right wing conservatives have weaponized that knowledge – using the epidemic of religiosity that’s raging across Africa like a drug frenzy – and turned it actually on its head in ways that are potentially quite lethal to Africans. The American white evangelical movement has for example conflated highly unethical vaccine tests with their anti-vax movements — and apparently with a great deal of success across Africa.

The irony is that of course, the white evangelical Christians who are quite hard to separate or distinguish from white supremacists – they commingle quite comfortably within the right wing of the American political divide – would be the very kind of group that would actually be quite comfortable with the idea of African depopulation!! So mind bogglingly, extremist, right wing, evangelical white supremacists have found this crazy and otherwise unlikely allyship with African extremist evangelicals who’s hatred of gays, women’s equality and any kind of reproductive liberalism has made the strangest of bed fellows, which could lead to unthinkable and dangerous consequences if Africans start rejecting life saving vaccines for African children including against illnesses such as polio, small pox, chicken pox, measles and others.

I sincerely hope such an eventuality never sees the light of day, but I have been seeing scary anti-vax messages across my family and friend Whatsapp groups that are great cause for concern!

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