Black Life Does Not Matter – From #EndSARS, to George Floyd, to Emmet Till.

From the senseless cold blooded murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis, MN policeman, to the murders by Nigerian police named SARS that have led to the #ENDSARS protests, one sad, tragic truth emerges with tragic certainty, Black life does not Matter.

George Floyd’s life clearly did not matter to the terrorist in uniform who murdered him in cold blood, unflinchingly and casually as though he was snuffing out an undesirable roach. I use a roach because killing any other animal would have elicited far more universal condemnation in the United States than even has to the present day.

To date, the outrage over Floyd’s senseless cold blooded murder, or subsequent murders too many to count, only just since the spring, has been primarily on the left side of the political divide. Police in and out of uniform have been seen shamelessly recording videos of themselves laughing and holding signs saying “I can breathe”. Supporters of police have equally reacted with callousness over the police murders of black men. On what ruthless, callous and inhuman world is it ever ok to laugh at the death of any human, let alone in the egg regions situations of live recorded murders? In America, apparently, sadly.

The chant #BlackLivesMatter in reality is an aspirational chant and it is a chant born of the awfully sad fact that currently as it stands, Black life really does not matter and that is quite a universal truth not just in the United States, not just to extremist right wing racists, but indeed across the globe, including in Africa, including too often to other black people.

The hip hop artist, David Banner way back in 2014, pointed out that the reason a Black kid in Chicago shoots and kills another Black kid unflinchingly is exactly the same reason that police murder Black people wantonly, and that is “they see no value”. Indeed, it’s the exact same reason that police in Kenya murder Kenyan protesters with disturbing regularity. It’s exactly why SARS has terrorized Nigerians in Nigeria for years leading to the current #ENDSARS movement.

That is why the retort that “all lives matter” is totally nonsensical, because clearly all lives don’t matter, quite simply because Black Life still does not matter to date.

Black life does not matter anywhere, anytime, and that is because we live under a global system of extreme and exploitative, vulture capitalist, white supremacy that thrives on the exploitation primarily of Black people globally but generally on exploitation and division of Black and Brown people everywhere.

This global system of exploitation historically used terrorist violence to subjugate and disempower Black people during slavery and colonialism to create a compliant population through fear for the sole purpose of economic exploitation, creating a constant and ready source of labor combined with the theft of the resources of these populations in Africa, in America, the Caribbean, South America and across the globe.

In present days, these exploited communities serve as both the source of near free labor and resources in the case of Africans, but also as a ready base of consumers who buy products made from their stolen raw materials, all at exorbitant prices.

In America as we have seen during the Covid-19 pandemic, African Americans serve on the front lines feeding America in the food production system, caring for Americans in the healthcare system, keeping America moving in the transportation systems, all of which has left African Americans vulnerable to higher rates of infection and death from the virus, all while extreme police violence against Blacks has continued unabated.

The pandemic ripped open the band aid over the wound of inequality, while the cold blooded murder of George Floyd blew the lid off the seething anger over the undeniable racism that has continued to be exposed and which has confirmed that black life really doesn’t matter to the systems that govern over us.

The reality is that while the current president is particularly awful, what has really emerged is that inequality is baked into the systems that we live under. It is not a partisan issue. The inequality continues under Democrats or Republicans, under Labor or the Conservatives in the UK; indeed the inequality continued under Clinton and later Obama.

The unequal global system of racist exploitation continues to exist even in Africa where the governments and institutions continue to operate with the institutional memory of the former colonial governments that only left Africa a mere 26 years ago in the case of South Africa. The colonial institutional memory is wat continues to operate in the police forces across Africa, the Caribbean and all across former European colonies, which is why for example Kenya has the highest number of deaths at the hand of police during the enforcement of covid-19 pandemic quarantine and curfew.

This global system of exploitation in reality doesn’t care about anyone’s race per se and it will settle for the division and exploitation of working people anywhere, anytime, in order to thrive and continue to exploit working people to profit the elite top one percent. It is in fact the same system that thrives on the division of Sunni against Shia across the Middle East, Palestinian against Jew, Hindu against Moslem in India, Budhist against Rohingya in Myanmar, tribe against tribe across Africa, and protestant against catholic in Northern Ireland.

The term, “the one percent” famously coined by the Occupy Wall Street Movement is a most appropriate term that was used to describe the top 1% of corporations in terms of company turn over and profits.

These 1% corporations, starting with the Wall Street banks in particular, are the same global companies that benefited the most from slavery and colonialism and they are the same corporations that continue to benefit the most from a system of globalized racist exploitation.

These one percenters are responsible for setting up the systems that we continue to live under where mines in Africa are run by African slave labor to provide materials that make iPhones, tablets and other electronics – products that they will never be able to buy.  These systems set up the international organizations including the IMF and the World Bank, the stock exchanges, the currency exchanges that continue to enforce the global system of inequality under a devilish pact of racist exploitation. 

This pact must be smashed and this globalized system must be razed to the ground and built anew from the ground up. In its place must be a new system that treats all human life with respect, takes care of wildlife and the environment, providing a reimagined global system of harmonious co-existence.

This was done before in Europe. Europeans had a system of serfdom where the 1 percent lived lavish lives while the majority lived in squalid poverty. That system was smashed and replaced by a system of a greater semblance of equality for all people in Europe because working people went up against that system. Of course that was somewhat easier in a system here everyone looked the same. The current global system of exploitation is aided in its persistence by the fact that for the most part,

Europeans and people of European descent across the planet have been granted privileges that that offered them the delusion of superiority. In reality however,, the vast majority of working white people are just as exploited by the evil system that is only able to continue to thrive on the division of working people everywhere.

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