Is Trump the Only President that can Unilaterally Lift All Sanctions and Get Away With It?

Like Nixon to China, is it possible that President Trump could be the only president, Democrat or Republican that could get away with unilaterally lifting all sanctions for humanitarian reasons during the Covid 19 crisis. There have been calls from Secretary Generals António Guterres and Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, of United Nations and the World Health Organization respectively to lift sanctions on countries such as Iran which is being ravaged by the Corona virus. There are other countries that also need help with dealing with the devastating virus including Venezuela, Zimbabwe and perhaps North Korea, although little is known about any effects of the virus there.

Of course Cuba being one of only a handful of countries sending doctors to other countries may not necessarily need the help of doctors to fight the virus but it is entirely possible that they may need other help with supplies and medications. To date sanctions against Cuba still exclude Cuba from being able to import medications, medical equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

If President Trump chose to answer the call and lift these sanctions, is it possible that he would be the only president that could get away with it? Is it possible that not only would his supporters not depart from trump, but that in fact that he might even grow his support. Trump would be coming at Joe Biden from the left flank and possibly blind side him and even gain support from the left as well as from the all important voters among the black community.  I still very much question whether some of the Trump administration policies are truly Trump’s policies or whether its members of the Trump administration taking advantage of the chaos to pass their own pet policies. It is well documented that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is a war hawk who along with others such as former National Security Adviser, John Bolton have long favored the policy of regime change across the Middle East.

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