Is Trump’s ‘Unorthodoxy’ The Only Leadership Style For the Moment?

There is no question that President Trump is unorthodox to stay the least. Even his fiercest critics in the mainstream media acknowledge that Trump is not an ideologue. What this has meant is that for example that Trump was more likely to accept and sign a Democratic House led bill than say a traditional ideological Republican president.

It is highly unfathomable that another president, Democrat or Republican would have overridden his own task force for example and pushed the FDA to start trying the hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin cocktail that was already being used in France for Covid-19 treament. This may very well save lives.

For example, to both Trump’s and the journalist’s credit, Trump stepped in and rebuked Mike Pence on Wednesday April 1st during the press briefing when Pence spent a whole entire five minutes avoiding answering a question from a Fox News journalist about Obamacare enrollment. Video above.

President Trump who ran on ending foreign military adventurism may very well be the only president who could get away with unilaterally lifting sanctions on Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and other places during this time of crisis. If he did so, he would corner Joe Biden from the left and ensure himself a definite win in November!

Even as the US is ramping up operations against Venezuela and Iran, it’s quite fathomable that these are not so much Trump policies being enacted. It would be no surprise if war hawks such as Pompeo were not using the current Covid-19 crisis which currently has the president distracted to enact their own hawkish pet projects. I,m personally not convinced that Trump made the decision to pursue the very adventurism that he himself so passionately railed against during his campaign, and which was likely a huge part of why people who might have otherwise voted for Bernie were willing to vote for Trump.  Ending military adventurism is highly popular among the African American population and Trump moving against his war hawks would more than likely blunt Joe Biden’s support among that demographic, and all but ensure another Trump victory in November!


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