President Weah of Liberia Announces Free Undergraduate College Education

300x 176 george-weah ii Liberia’s President George Manneh Weah who was elected earlier this year has announced free college education for all undergraduates in the fur public universities in Liberia. Weah made the announcement after a visit with college students at the University of Liberia who had been protesting rising college tuition costs per

300x 176 george-weah i

Weah who was elected this earlier this year to replace Africa’s first ever female President is a former football (soccer) player who rose to the presidency on promises of modernization. He was awarded the prestigious footballer of the year for his conquests on the soccer pitch.


He replaced former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who is currently the Chair of the Economic Community of West African States another position where she broke the glass ceiling as it’s first woman chair when she was elected in 2016.

Cuba Uni

Liberia joins Cuba as one of the few “developing” nations to offer free college education in state schools. Other African nations including Ghana and Sierra Leone are grappling with various stages of implementing free education at different levels from primary through to secondary education.Kenya uni

Kenya is phasing in tuition free education in primary and secondary education, returning to the old system where public education was universally free from kindergarten to college.

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