Civil Rights

Maurice Stallard, Vickie Lee Jones: The Other Terror Attack You hardly heard About!!

Maurice Vickie

Two Kentucky grandparents were on Thursday Oct 25th shot and killed execution style by a white supremacist who had moments prior attempted to enter a predominantly black church, police reported.

Vickie Lee Jones Maurice Stallard

Maurice Stallard, 69, a grandfather, and Vickie Lee Jones, 67, a grandmother,  both of Louisville, KY were targeted and killed by white supremacist, Gregory Bush in cold blood, for apparently no reason other than that they were black. The terrorist was reported to have yelled that “whites don’t kill whites”.

For the record there have been a full 157 mass shootings in 2018 according to the Washington Post, all carried out by right wing gun nuts.

This story has largely gone unreported in the media and the few stories I found about it mentioned little about the lives of the victims, and only displayed pictures of the terrorist.

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