Jair Bolsonaro: Racist Right Winger Wins Brazilian Presidential Election


Jair Bolsonaro on Sunday 28th October was poised to take Brazil’s presidency with a large 55% win over the leftist Fernando Haddad proving again that demagoguery works to allow people to vote their own interests. Bolsonaro, known for his Trump like bluster has been openly racist which is all the more shocking that he would win in a country that is 80% black. Brazil harbors the largest population of black people outside of any African country at 80 million, second only to Nigeria which has a population that exceeds a 100 million.

Bolsonaro who made racist, misogynistic and homophobic statements during and before the campaign sought the support of Brazil’s deeply religious population promising to end corruption in Brazil echoing the “drain the swamp” promises of another demagogue in the current president of the United States.


Similar to Trump, Bolsonaro has promised to remove Brazil from the Paris Climate Accord claiming that the accord curtails Brazil’s autonomy over the amazon region which he has promised to exploit for economic advancement.

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