Visa on Arrival For All African Passport Holders in Ethiopia

AU Passport
Ethiopia will join Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Rwanda to be the fifth African country to allow visa-on-arrival for all African country passport holders. The new measures will take effect as of Nov 9th 2018 as per the African Union recommendation imploring all African nations to allow at least a 30 day visa-on-arrival for all member nations.


It may be surprising to many that travel within Africa for African national is actually quite difficult. The visa policies of most African nations is actually very restrictive for their fellow African passport holders, continuing closer colonial era alliances to their former European colonizers than to each other sadly!

This is a welcome measure particularly as Africa is experiencing renewed worries of suffering amid violence and the mass deportations of Congolese from Angola.


The AU has also announced and has been in the middle of implementing a new African  Union passport for all member states with a view to a roll-out by 2020. The new African passport would allow holders access to any of the continent’s 55 countries without need for a visa.

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