Civil Rights

11 dead in Pittsburgh, PA., The Third Domestic Terror Attack In the US in As Many Days

The suspect in the Pittsburgh synagogue terror attacks has been identified as right-wing extremist, Robert Bowers who yelled anti Semitic taunts as he mowed down his victims with an assault weapon.

Two Kentucky grandparents were killed in a grocery store by yet another white supremacist terrorist in Louisville, KY. Maurice Stallard, 69 was shot inside the Kroger grocery store. The white supremacist terrorist, Gregory Bush then went on to shoot Vickie Lee Jones outside in the parking lot of the store. He was reported to have spewed racist sentiments saying that “whites don’t shoot whites”.

For the record there have been a 157 mass shootings in the United States in 2018, of which a 100% have been perpetrated by white extremist gun nuts.

This comes barely 24 hours since the arrest of Trump fanatic Cesar Sayok, the right wing extremist for the pipe bomb attacks on well known Trump critics, including former Presidents Obama and Clinton.

Bowers attacked worshipers during Sabbath services which meant that the synagogue would have been full of congregants there for a baby naming ceremony known as a bris.


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