Black Republican Shermichael Singleton admits GOP is engaged in Black Voter Suppression

Shermichael Singleton, a Republican strategist and former staffer for HUD Secretary Ben Carson is calling out his own party on voter suppression. While talking to MSNBC’s Alex Whit Saturday Oct 13th, Singleton found himself unable to defend his party against accusations of what he termed as “obvious efforts” at curbing the black vote specifically in the traditionally Republican state of Georgia.

Shermichael expressed frustration wondering whether he as a black Republican has a voice in the party, saying, “when the party continues to do things you are obviously against, that are obviously disproportionately impacting people, really because they cannot compete (for the black vote), you have to ask, I’m I even making any type of an impact on this party, and I’m not even sure at this point that I really am”.

His fellow guest, Democratic strategist, Don Calloway caused everyone to chuckle saying, “don’t come to me Alex, just let Shermichael… keep going”

Stacey Abrams is in a tight race against the current Secretary of State there, Brian Kemp, who’s office has been hard at work purging voters from the electoral rolls, rejecting voter registrations and absentee ballots. Gwinnett County in Georgia has had more absentee ballots rejected than the usual nationwide totals.

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